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Near me search results help people find nearby businesses quickly and easily. Are you in the business that needs a strong local presence; so nearby customers can find your services or products online or a storefront in person? If yes, you are at the right destination.

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Stand Out!

To make your business stand out from the competitors in the Local SEO war; It’s not only important to rank your business higher on Google search & Maps (3-pack) for geo-targeted keywords but also for ‘near me’ searches as well. We get the results you want and make your business ‘Stand Out’.

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Rank for 'Near Me'

It’s crucial to rank high in Google for ‘near me’ searches. Our team of Local SEO experts are committed to rank your business higher on Google for ‘Near me’ keywords.

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Rank on Google 3-Pack

One of our main goals is to rank your Business on Google Maps 3-pack for your keywords and target areas.

We are Local SEO Experts

Our team has extensive SEO knowledge and has over 32 years of combined experience in Local SEO. Our Local SEO experts are process-driven and focused on Results.

Our Local SEO Strategy

Our Local SEO experts are result oriented at work and does all the real work being focused on reaching the goals. Our local seo services include, but are not limited to:

We analyze your entire website thoroughly to identify if there are any errors or issues that are impacting keyword ranking factors, user interface & User experience, clicks & conversions, core web vitals, load speed, navigation etc.. And fix them all.

We research and analyze your top competitors’ websites & spy on their SEO, content strategy, backlinks etc.. and develop & implement an effective SEO strategy that makes your business search results better than your competitors.

Keyword research, selection and proper keyword mapping & optimization of a website for the on-page factors & GMB is the key to success. We work with you on every step from keyword research to keyword list finalization and keyword integration; and develop a solid keyword targeting strategy to rank your business higher on Google search results and other major search engines as well.

On-page and technical SEO are crucial to Index and rank any website on search engines. Our experts work on tens of on-page & Technical SEO factors and Localized On-page Optimization as well, to make sure your website is error free and well optimized for proper indexing plus better rankings.

We develop and implement a unique content strategy that works! We present your business with effective content in a unique way to the visitors/ target audience to attract more users, improve clicks, increase user engagements and conversions.

We optimize your website and business listing for all your targeted areas. We make your business stand out in the local search results by sending strong local signals to Google and major search engines.

Our local tactics including but not limited to localized On-page optimization, localized internal pages creation on website, localized landing pages creation*, Optimization for featured snippets, local citations, local branding, local business profile building, local content creation & distro, Posting on local online directories etc..

One of our main goals is to rank your business listing in Google maps 3-pack for your targeted search terms. To achieve this goal we implement a proven GMB optimization strategy. The tactics include, but are not limited to:

  • Google My Business (GMB) Set-up
  • Optimization for NAP
  • GMB general optimization
  • Maintain NAP consistency
  • GMB optimization for specific targeted locations
  • GMB optimization for multiple locations
  • GMB optimization for Local services & physical stores
  • GMB activity & management
  • Content & assets creation for regular GMB posts
  • GMB posting calendar
  • GMB issues resolution & errors fixing

& more…

We help your business get more positive ratings and reviews from your customers.

As you know, one picture is worth a thousand words and a minute of video is worth 1.8 million Words. We tell your story through compelling visual assets. Our focus is to attract, engage and convert your visitors into customers. We create promo videos, infographics, PDF’s, text images and distribute them.

We build high quality backlinks (manually) to your website.  We get backlinks from high domain authority sources only. We don’t rush to build too many backlinks and we don’t use any tools to create backlinks to avoid any kind of spam techniques.  We always keep our knowledge up to date with the latest Google algorithms & releases.

Our off-page tactics are mostly locally focused and those tactics include, but are not limited to Guest blogging, article submissions, social bookmarking, classified ad posting etc..

Weekly activity/work done reports

Bi-Monthly Reports (twice a month)

  • Overall performance report
  • Keyword ranking report
  • Website Analytics Report
  • Google My Business report
  • Google analytics & search console
  • Traffic report & user behavior report
  • Goal completions & Goal conversions report
  • Achievements
  • & more… 

Why Choose Us?

We are undoubtedly best at Local SEO, that's what we appraise ourselves, because we will plan and execute your SEO project with commitment and dedication to get you the results you want.

  • Again, we are Local SEO experts
  • We have vast experience and in-depth knowledge in Local SEO
  • We cover the entire range of your Local Marketing needs from start to finish
  • Stand-Out: Beat your Local competition with ‘experts’ on your side
  • We assign dedicated expert(s) & provide Individual attention on every project
  • Transparent SEO reports
  • End-to-End customer Support
  • Our prices are very reasonable
  • Get Near Me Finder (NMF) accreditation*, One of the nation’s best Local directory
  • Get your business listed on the top slot of your targeted cities on NMF
  • Get a locally optimized NMF business profile page
  • Explore your business through NMF
  • Avail more amazing benefits at our Near Me Finder Local directory

What Makes Us Better Than Our Competitors


Our proven Local SEO strategy not only get you top rankings but also lift up your conversion rate.

Graphic Work

Without any additional fees; we create videos and info-graphics that worth more than 1000 dollars


Our prices are very reasonable. Comparatively 40 to 60% less than our competitors in the market

Near Me Benefits

Get our accreditation, get listed, get a profile page and many other benefits at our Near Me directory

Our Pricing

Even though we are one of the top Local SEO agencies in United States; Our prices are very reasonable (Starts @ $225  per month) and 40% to 60% less than our top competitors (top SEO agencies) in the market. 

Ready? Pull the Trigger!

Take your first step to reach your target audience and to lift up your conversion rate. Contact us today for a Free SEO audit and proposal; Please fill out the quick form below or email us at contact@nearme-finder.com